Connecting With Spirit

Our guides are always with us. They are part of us, as they are part of our soul and our spirit.  In order to connect with them, we simply need to open up and connect with ourselves.
Get in touch with your soul. With your intuition. Clear your space and be in a state of love, peace, gratefulness, and appreciation. Sometimes, it can help to light a candle, as the energy and light of this burning candle can make it easier for them to be in our space and connect with us. But it is not necessary. The most important is intention.

Guides, angels, other beings, deceased loved ones – they are so close we only need to reach out and we can touch them. We only need to open our eyes and they are there. Stop and listen and we can hear them. Open our heart, and we can feel them.

Spirit is all around. And in our hearts. Our heart and love, is the key to everything. Through our heart we connect with spirit. And by connecting with spirit, we connect with ourselves. With the essence of who we are. We start to remember. We can see. We are no longer afraid, because we know there is nothing to fear. We see the connection of love, and how it is all around us. We see it in ourselves. We see it in the universe; we see, feel, experience how love truly is all there is. We are all one and we are love. By connecting with ourselves, we connect with everything simultaneously. Growing up I used to be afraid of connecting with spirit. I knew it was all around me, but I was so afraid of it. It used to comfort me when I was sad and felt lonely, which I appreciated, but I was still scared to reach out. Turned out that what I feared was my own shadow. I was afraid of myself. Of what I might see. I was afraid of my own divinity. All that I am. Do not be afraid. There is nothing but love. It can be scary to face ourselves; we all have shadow. But it is only shadow because we have not shed light on it. The moment we shed light on it, the shadow disappears. It’s like when we turn on the light, and the shadow/dark disappears.

Love is what is real. Love is Truth. They cannot exist without the other. Do not be afraid of your shadow or all that you are. Have the courage to see yourself. If you are on the path of ascension or enlightenment, if you know that you are here on a spiritual path, have the courage to shed light on what is dark. It is usually our thoughts about it that are scary. Darkness itself and shadows are usually just a lack of light. It is nothing. But our minds and ego make it scary. You are from the light. You are not afraid. It is the ego that is afraid. Your soul is not. Your spirit is not. Open up and embrace yourself. As you are right now. You don’t have to be perfect. “I will love myself when I am successful.” Or “when I am thin/fit”, “When I am perfect”, “When I look good”, “When I feel I deserve it”. You are already perfect. We need to love ourselves as we are in every moment. Flaws or no flaws; it doesn’t matter. You are loved. Everyone is. If people knew how loved they are, if they could feel the love that is there for them at any moment, it would completely change them. Know that you are loved. Know that shadow is nothing to fear. It is often fear that keeps people from connecting with their guides and loved ones in spirit. Do not be afraid. Control the ego, and let the heart take over. Ask your guides and angels to be with you. Ask them to show themselves. Tell them that you invite them into your life. Ask someone you love who is in spirit to come forward. Be open for signs.

Love and light,

Cathrine Victoria

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