Are You An Earth Angel, Star Person, Incarnated Elemental or Perhaps A Wise One?

Find out in Doreen Virtue’s book Realms of the Earth Angels (2007) here.

The book is based on interviews with people who feel different and never quite “fitted in” here on Earth, as well as her own experience working with these people. According to Doreen Virtue, there is a special group of beings who have incarnated at this time to help advance humanity and to bring peace, love, compassion and understanding to this planet.

“Do you feel different from other people, as if you were dropped off on this planet and wonder when someone’s coming to take you home?”

“Every person is born with a personal mission to learn and grow. Each of us elects a theme for our life in which we’ll work on a particular life lesson such as patience, forgiveness, or compassion. Yet Earth Angels also choose a global mission in addition to a personal mission . . . and this global mission is to provide service to the world.”

“If you are an Earth Angel, then you’re a powerful lightworker with a legacy of healing and miracles behind and in front of you.”

“You may discover that you’re an Incarnated Angel or Elemental; a Starperson whose past lives have been extraterrestrial (ET); a Merperson; a Leprechaun; a Knight Paladin; or a Wise One, which is a reincarnated Sorceress, High-Priestess, or Wizard. You’re a seasoned service worker called into action – an Earth Angel. You may have had past lives on Earth as an Incarnated Angel, Elemental and such, yet you forgot these incarnations, believing that your past lives were human.”

Healing effects of this knowledge:

“Since I found out, I’ve felt relieved. I no longer feel so strange,  and I finally have a sense of belonging.”

“Once I learned about my realm, I realized that nothing was really wrong with the way I acted.”

“It helps me to know that I’m not the only one feeling this way.”

“I’ve always known that I was different, and now there’s an explanation that makes sense.”

“Finally, I realized why I had to help people at all cost. I never knew why I had this drive before.”

Characteristics of Earth Angels:

  • Feeling different, separated, or alienated from others.
  • Intense sensitivity to other people, chemicals, or violence in any form.
    Earth Angels have difficulty being in crowds, feeling bombarded by the overwhelming emotions and physical sensations emanating from other people. Most Earth Angels have learned to avoid harsh chemicals in their food, cleaning supplies, and toiletries due to allergic reactions. Violence in any form repels Earth Angels, including arguments, negative media reports, and violent movies. People often tease them for this trait, saying, “You’re just too sensitive!” Yet, this sensitivity is a sacred gift that Earth Angels bring to this planet, enabling them to intuitively know where their services are needed.

  • A strong sense of purpose.

  • A history of frustrating relationship patterns.
    Earth Angels are often raised by emotionally unavailable or abusive parents. As adults, they may attract abuse friends and lovers.

  • Strangers telling them their problems, as well as really personal information.

  • Looking younger than their chronological years.
    Perhaps it’s because they eat more healthily, exercise, and take care of themselves better overall –  or maybe it’s their spiritual outlook- but Earth Angels often appear younger than their chronological age.

  • Possibly having a history of personal and familial addictions.
    Whether food, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, relationships, or all of the above, some Earth Angels turn to outside substances or influences to numb the pain of feeling different and of being intimidated by their life’s mission.

  • A ringing sound in one ear.


If you are just discovering your Divine origin and where you come from and what you really are, ENJOY this amazing, happy, exciting time. It feels a little like coming home, and suddenly there is more peace within.

I wish all Lightworkers the strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, truth and confidence to go out and do what they came here to do. The world needs what you have to offer. Don’t be shy; you have a lot to offer and you are a great blessing in this world and to this planet.

In love and light, and blessings of truth, peace, happiness and joy,
Namaste  ♥

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