“Your soul is the reflection of all souls”

“Your soul is the reflection of all souls. You are the other. Without the other, you would not exist. You are defined by your relationships with others. You would need to describe the whole universe in order to define a single person. Therefore every single person is the whole universe. Your soul is both personal and universal at the same time. Everyone is a reflection of you. You are in a hall of mirrors where every reflection of yourself appears different. Others you admire reflect the qualities you most cherish in yourself. Others you detest reflect the qualities you most deny in yourself. Each person you see is a different version of you.”

– Enoch Tan

A beautiful reflection of oneness.

Guru G – The Purpose of Existence

3 March 2013 – Channelled by Lumire:

Namaste and Welcome, I am Guru G,

This transmission will be done in the traditional question and answer format between guru and seeker.

Seeker: What is the purpose of my existence?
Guru G: The purpose of life is to find the truth of who you really are, not what the mind believes, but the eternal unending nature of the Self.

Seeker: How do I discover this?
Guru G: By going within and finding that which is always still in the ever changing turbulence of life.

Seeker: What is this stillness you speak of?
Guru G: The stillness is the real you, connected to the Divine, never changing, always remaining the same. It is the quiet peace in you that has always existed.

Seeker: You speak of the Divine, is this God?
Guru G: The Divine has always been, never not there, found in everything and also in no-thing. You are a Divine spark that expresses him/herself through the Divine.

Seeker: Are you saying that I am the Divine?
Guru G: Yes, you are a expression of Divine conciousness experiencing life as a individual entity.

Seeker: What happens when I die?
Guru G: Death is not the end of life, merely a transition into a new experience, whether here on Earth or some other place. The individual spark never dies, for this is not the wish of the Divine.

Seeker: How do I realise the Self?
Guru G: Know that your true nature is already realised, there is nothing more you can do.

Seeker: But I don’t feel awakened.
Guru G: That is because your mind is blocking you from seeing the truth of who and what you are.

Seeker: How do I unblock this then?
Guru G: Your mind is like the clouds blocking the rays of the sun from shining through. The sun is the real you that exists beyond all time. Simply realise that you are actually the sun and the clouds are just thoughts, emotions and feelings that float by.

Seeker: But it seems too hard, I get caught up in the past and future of what happened before and what I need to do tomorrow.
Guru G: There is only the Now, past is just a collection of memories of what occurred previously in the now, the future is just a projection of thoughts of what might happen. Past and future thoughts only happen in this moment of now, there isn’t any other time but this instant.

Seeker: I think I understand what you are saying, but the clouds still block me from seeing.
Guru G: Nothing can truly stop you from seeing your Self, don’t give thoughts any importance, just let them come and go. Be the Seer that sees the appearing and disappearing, for this is the real you.

Seeker: Who is the Seer?
Guru G: The Seer is the unchanging presence of who you really are, it is the real part of you that sees beyond the mind identity of which you believe is the “I”. The Eternal “I”, some may call it the Atman or Soul is what actually experiences this life that you live.

Seeker: What is the quickest way to awaken?
Guru G: The fastest path is through surrender, this involves a complete letting go of who you think you are and falling into heart of your true being. This ultimate surrender means that you are willing the let your mind die even if it means death in real life.

Seeker: I don’t want to lose my self, this is who I am.
Guru G: The self you think as yourself is not the real you, it is simply your personality created out of thought forms that you identify as “I”. The real self is the truth of who you are, the “I am” that has always been.

Seeker: The idea of surrender doesn’t appeal to me is there any other way?
Guru G: There are many other ways you can realise the true self, like it has been said: There are many paths but only one destination.

Seeker: Could you please just tell me one way?
Guru G: Yes, by inquiring about who you truly are, to do this ask yourself the question: “Who am I ?”. When asking this question the purpose of it is not for your mind to come up with an answer, the question’s job is to direct you inwards and discover the stillness of your true being.

Seeker: When I ask the question my mind keeps on chattering away.
Guru G: The mind is like a monkey on your back, you keep feeding it bananas (thoughts) which help make it stronger. You are not these thoughts, but the awareness that sees them. Simply let the thoughts be, do not give them any energy; a good way to not become attached to them is to just smile at them and not take them seriously.

Seeker: I see what you mean, when I didn’t take my thoughts seriously I became the watcher, I was simply the awareness seeing.
Guru G: This is very good, the next step is to see whether you can aware of the watcher itself. See if you can watch the watcher, since the watcher can sometimes be just the mind doing the looking. You are not the mind but the never unchanging stillness of being. Try out for yourself if this can be done or not.

Seeker: When I tried watching the watcher, I noticed that it could be done. I became this still awareness and noticed a great peace within me.
Guru G: Yes this is excellent, you have found what you have been searching for. You have always been this still awareness, only the mind was blocking you from seeing this great expansive view. Know that you can always be in this state if you choose to, just simply bring your attention inward and feel who you truly are.

Seeker: Thank you Guru G.
Guru G: Om Shanti. Let the light in your heart guide you on your journey.

Notes: Guru G is one of my spirit guides, he shows himself to me as a traditional Indian monk. He wishes to point out that the truth we seek is already within us.

Sacred Earth

“The whole of planet Earth is a sacred site. All people are the chosen people, and the purpose of our lives is a spiritual one.

May we care for each other, and for the earth, for everything relates to everything else.

Feeling this oneness, may we radiate the light of love and kindness that all may live in unity and peace.”

~ Radha Sahar



CDC Says Ebola Vaccine Only Works on White People

by thenewsnerd.com

The Center of Disease Control, which is headquartered in Atlanta, has released a statement saying the trial vaccine for the deadly Ebola virus will only work on those with white skin.

In an excerpt from the statement, the government agency stated, “Early tests of an experimental drug, which would effectively combat the spread of Ebola, have proved successful only in those with white skin — We are working diligently to improve the sample to be able to help all those who are in need.”

The vaccine, which was developed by Thomas Smith Charles in conjunction with the BIP, has began a trial phase. The vaccine uses a strain of a West Nile monkey cold virus called ape multivirus type 5 to deliver benign genetic material of the West African strain of Ebola. The genetic material given to the patient is not able to replicate and poses virtually no health risk. The sample instead strengthens the immune system to fight off the virus. If successful, ape multivirus type 5 could stop the spread of Ebola.

According to the CDC, the trial was doled out 200 people, but only proved effective to those with white skin. Some scientists believe high levels of melanin may somehow be affecting the sample.

Many citizens voiced concern when two white Americans were flown to Emory Hospital in Atlanta and were cured of the deadly disease, while 1,000’s in Africa continue to die. Conspiracy theorists believe the American Government has a cure for the disease, but has no plans to dole it out to Africans.

A Twitter member, who goes by @Sidney_Bingham wrote, “Ebola was a incurable disease when it was killing Africans by the hundreds but now that 2 white people have it suddenly there’s a cure.”

User @J_Nuclear wrote, “Ebola death camps in Africa…..now when white people start getting it all of a sudden an experimental cure comes out.”

With the disease seeming to only work on those with white skin, the conspiracy theorists certainly have been provided with more fodder for their beliefs.

CDC Whistleblower Exposes Ebola Vaccinations Containing RFID Chips

by National Report 

A CDC whistleblower has recently gone on record to expose nefarious government plans which would use the impending US Ebola pandemic as an opportunity to implant RFID technology in American citizens.

Brent Hopskins was a CDC contractor before coming forward with serious allegations against his former employer. Hopskins claims that an Ebola vaccine has been prepared for the general public in the form of disposable, one-use syringes. The downside, however, is that each of these syringes will contain not only the vaccine, but a micro RFID chip as well.

CDC officials intend to issue these syringe packages to over 200, 000 households by December 1st. Consumers will also be able to request the Ebola vaccine at their local drug store.

Hopskins also indicates that the RFID chip will work toward more easily identifying and separating those who have been inoculated and those who have not. Individuals who refuse to receive the Ebola vaccination will face serious hurdles in gaining employment, visiting public places, obtaining future medical care, and even potential prison time.

During correspondence with National Report, Brent Hopskins is quoted as saying,  “I cannot sit idly by as these atrocities unfold… The American government wants to implant RFID chips in every man, woman and child. They are now using the threat of Ebola to push this nefarious plot. The public is forced to make a decision between the horrible demise that Ebola offers, or relinquish every ounce of their privacy by getting an RFID chip implanted under their skin.

Many Americans have expressed concern that the CDC officials are collaborating with the government to use this new system as a way to introduce martial law. Others, such as popular radio host, Alex Jones, insist that the deadly virus was deliberately planted on US soil to thin the ever-growing population. As Hopskins puts it, “This is a baby step towards complete control of the masses who have grown increasingly frustrated and distrustful of the powers that be. The ultimate goal of the United States Government is to enslave all people who fall bellow a particular tax bracket and Ebola is how they’re going to do it.”

Chakra Affirmation Cards

Shamanic and Native American Quotes

“The Iroquois have, properly speaking, only a single divinity – the dream. To it they render their submission, and follow all its orders with the utmost exactness.”

“Be within you heart.
See and feel with you heart.
Recognize your heart within another.
Speak words from the heart.
Receive the words of another,
within these precious chambers.”

“How can I know you if I don’t know myself?”

“Life can be a process of observing what we are interfering with, rather than interfering with what we are observing.”

“Shamanism is a state of awareness, the ability to use energy fields that are not employed in perceiving the everyday life world that we know.”

“It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the client.”

“The Shadow describes the part of the psyche that an individual would rather not acknowledge. It contains the denied parts of the self. Since the self contains these aspects, they surface in one way or another. Bringing Shadow material into consciousness drains its dark power, and can even recover valuable resources from it. The greatest power, however, comes from having accepted your shadow parts and integrated them as components of your Self.”

“Shamanic practitioners can perform some of the classic healing methods that will help people today… but performing shamanic healings for people today, although important, is not enough. For shamans see that illness comes from living a life that is out of balance and disharmonious. One of the greatest gifts that shamanic practitioners can give people is to help them learn how to change their lives so that harmony returns. And we must also help people live a life of honor and respect for nature and the rest of life. In this way harmony and health can return to the planet again…”

“The Impeccable Warrior lives in a conscious state and truly feels and accepts that they are sacred beings on a sacred journey, assisted by a living breathing compassionate Wisdom that whole-heartedly respects and honors them.”

“Discovering the wisdom behind soul archetypes allows us to move past the personalized resistant basis and towards truth. Once the stories of our personalized past are seen clearly as labels and judgements, you can lift the fog to see what’s behind. The veil lifts and you experience a new relationship with yourself, first, and with everything outside you, second.”

“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.”

“Our quest, our Earth walk, is to look within, to know who we are, to see that we are connected to all things, that there is no separation, only in the mind.”

“Wakan Tanka / Great Mystery, teach me how to trust my heart, my mind, my intuition, my inner knowing, the senses of my body, the blessings of my spirit. Teach me to trust these things so that I may enter my sacred space and love beyond my fear, and thus walk in balance with the passing of each glorious sun.”

Spiritual Journey – Some Quotes

“The past does not exist, only as a thought. The future does not exist, only as potential. Why would we ever worry, stress, and be afraid over that which does not exist? Any concern over anything non-existent is a distraction from the happiness and peace that can be felt here and now, in this present moment. Now is the only time that exists.”

“When you clear your mind of past thoughts you perceive what is fresh.”

“The more you allow yourself to let go of perspectives and material aspects that no longer serve you, the easier it is to find the energy of bliss within you being.”

“When one’s own true nature is known, then there is being without beginning and end. It is unbroken awareness bliss.”

“Those who have conquered themselves live in peace, alike in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, praise and blame. To such people a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same. Because they are impartial, they rise to great heights.”

“Many people think excitement is happiness. But when you are excited you are not peaceful. True happiness is based on peace.”

“You are not accountable for what another person says or does, but you are responsible for what you do and how you respond.”

“Be responsible for the energy you bring.”

“When there is no more separation between ‘this’ and ‘that’, it is called the still-point of the Tao. At the still-point in the center of the cycle you can see the infinite of all things.”

“The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen you your own truth.”

“Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll see further.”

“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west; people create distinctions out of their own minds and then believe them to be true.”

“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you are.”

“If you are resisting something, you are feeding it. Any energy you fight, you are feeding. If you are pushing something away, you are inviting it to stay.”

“Those who don’t know how to suffer are the worst off. There are times when the only correct thing we can do is to bear out troubles until a better day.”

“Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection of the world inside you.”

“Your greatness is not so much that you are able to feel oneness, but that you are able to reach out from that place of oneness to that which is in the dark.”

“Zen is not something to achieve. You are already that. Just relax, relax so deeply that you become a revelation to yourself.”

The power of your own consciousness

Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends, I have come today to speak with you all. You are so well known to me! You do not know how well I know you. I am often with you because my heart is connected to you. I see your pain; I witness your joy, your worries, your suffering. And I would so much like to tell you about the power that resides in you. The power of your own consciousness. The power of your own being. The power of your own soul.

Too often you are still searching. Ever again, you are looking for solutions from outside yourselves. But as you take these solutions into yourselves, they already start melting away. Realise that you are the center of your being, the sun of your own universe. The direction of your consciousness and what it is attuned to will decide how you feel, how you think, how you act. From deep within yourself you direct these things, like a sun directs its rays outward. If you believe that there are aspects of yourself this sun should not shine its light upon, that there are places where it shouldn’t shine, that there are things it shouldn’t warm with its rays, then everyone and everything you meet around you will confirm these beliefs.

In the same way, the help or advice of someone else can only be received if you allow your own sun to shine its light on the aspect with which you need help. It is always your decision to put that aspect into the light and open the door. There is no one else who can force you to do that. That is why no one can help you if you don’t allow yourself to be helped. (That goes for earthly help as well as help from our side.)

Convictions are alive within you that make you think you lack the strength to find your own way, to feel your own destiny again. These convictions are linked to a past in which you lost yourselves for a very long time. I am speaking in particular about a past here on earth, a past of many earthly lives in which you have experienced much darkness.

This history has not been meaningless. It is a history in which you were confronted with much fear and in which fear overshadowed your inner sun. But now you are all slowly awakening. Parts of you are already in the light again but there also many aspects that are still in the dark, overshadowed by fear and insecurity about yourselves.

You can compare this inner darkness to a child being lost. A part of your soul is a lost child. It has lost its way in a past of pain. But the past is not a static thing. Time is to some extent an illusion. Nothing is irrevocably lost in time. There are no closed-off doors. The lost child within yourself which is fragmented in the past can be found and healed. You are its parent, you are the one who is made to cherish that child, who can warm it and bring it back to life.

And by life, I mean truly living. You have forgotten how to live. You are very good at surviving, but truly living is so much more sparkling and inspiring and happy.

It is precisely the part of you that is best capable of doing this, the child within, that has been lost. It got lost in the shadows of the past, in an accumulation of events that were traumatizing to your consciousness. In all the times you have been incarnating here on earth, on the level of the soul you have been developing like children do into adulthood. In that sense you came to earth as children, made many experiences your own and made many experiences you did not fully understand. Now we are coming to the end of a certain stage in your history, a certain cycle in your development, and it is time to rise above the experiences that have not been understood: to grow into the parent. It is now time to be the father and the mother of your own child. And that is what I am pointing out in speaking to you about the power of your consciousness: the power in you to rise above the wounded inner child.

The child in you is the victim of many experiences that have not been understood. I am telling you that your deepest inner wound can best be compared to the emotional state of an abandoned child. It’s a child that has somehow become separated from the security and loving arms of Home and doesn’t know why and what for. In you there’s a child that feels abandoned and frightened and that doesn’t have the frame of reference to be able to understand. This pain relates back to a very distant point in time, a time when you departed from the God-like state of oneness and started your journey as individual souls. (This will be elucidated in the next channeling: “Cosmic birthing pain”.)

At some point you will understand that this journey was your own choice and an act of creation that was truly divine. The deep pain you felt when you commenced your journey alone, your journey of experience, this deep pain was at the same time a great act of creation. Because by disengaging yourselves as souls from the great whole, from Father-Mother-God, you were allowing yourselves to discover a great deal, to experience and feel a lot of things. At the current stage of your journey where there is still much inner pain, it is hard to see what the ultimate meaning of that long journey home is. But I want to assure you that you are wonderful beings of light, with great courage and great trust in the creator, otherwise you never would have commenced this journey. What I would like to remind you of is that spark of courage and creativity and light in yourselves. Feel that spark again in your heart, reconnect with it. Know that you have the power to let the child within you come to life again and let it sing and play. By looking upon your inner darkness as the calling of a lost child, I’m offering you a perspective that invites you to cherish and love yourselves as the parent you truly are.

At the beginning of your journey as a soul, you were entrusted with a lost and abandoned child, left alone in the dark. It was your challenge to deal with this emotional part of you. This part of you represents the most vital and “raw” aspect of you, the thrust of life itself. At the end of your journey, the end of this cycle of lifetimes, you will hold the hand of your inner child and see how it radiates joy, pleasure and inspired consciousness to you. It will feel safe again and will therefore show its true treasure: its ability to intensely feel and live life to the fullest. What it needs to get there is a grown-up who will take it by the hand and cherish it and inspire it with trust. And that is your mission: to be the guardian of the child within. This child has caused you pain, it has been the carrier of your emotional traumas, but at the same time it holds the greatest promise: to be your profoundest source of love, joy and creativity.

The time has come. At this point in your history, it is time to gather and integrate the lost parts of yourself. It is time to be the central sun that you are. In reclaiming the power of your own consciousness, you are not simply returning to “how things were before you started your journey.” You are creating a new reality or level of consciousness altogether. Recognizing your own divinity feels like coming home; it awakens in you old memories of a blissful oneness and harmony you once knew. But now for the first time you will give birth to that sense of oneness purely from your own consciousness, while you are in material reality. You will embody God on earth. You are returning to your divine essence, without giving up your individuality and your material form. This is the miracle of the New Era: to be one and as One, to be a unique and individual consciousness and at the same time to be One with and connected to the whole.

© Pamela Kribbe 2005

How To Spot COINTELPRO Agents

For those interested. Link here. (from bibliotecapleyades.net)


The subject of COINTELPRO comes up quite a bit on our websites and has done so since we became fully aware of its activity in the various “alternative news/views” movements back in late 2001. Up to that point in time, we were thinking that it was probably likely that, now and again, a group might be infiltrated by an agent for a specific purpose. What we were NOT aware of was the vast, overarching program that seems to be in place for the primary purpose of controlling absolutely everything via the control of the minds of the masses!

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The original FBI/CIA COINTELPRO crimes of the 1950s-60s are powerful evidence which show that when “mind control” victims complain they are being harassed by conventional means (break-ins, thefts, sabotage and massive character assassination) there is unimpeachable evidence that the U.S. government has performed such crimes in the RECENT past. With the exposure of the COINTELPRO crimes in Congressional hearings in the 1970s, no longer can skeptics argue that “government wouldn’t do that”. -12160.info

COINTELPRO: The FBI’s Covert Action Programs Against American Citizens

Transcribed by Paul Wolf. Link here.

“COINTELPRO is the FBI acronym for a series of covert action programs directed against domestic groups. In these programs, the Bureau went beyond the collection of intelligence to secret action defined to “disrupt” and “neutralize” target groups and individuals.”

“COINTELPRO began in 1956, in part because of frustration with Supreme Court rulings limiting the Government’s power to proceed overtly against dissident groups; it ended in 1971 with the threat of public exposure. In the intervening 15 years, the Bureau conducted a sophisticated vigilante operation aimed squarely at preventing the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association, on the theory that preventing the growth of dangerous groups and the propagation of dangerous ideas would protect the national security and deter violence.

Many of the techniques used would be intolerable in a democratic society even if all of the targets had been involved in violent activity, but COINTELPRO went far beyond that. The unexpressed major premise of the programs was that a law enforcement agency has the duty to do whatever is necessary to combat perceived threats to the existing social and political order.”

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AIDS and Ebola – Where Did They Really Come From?

Dr. Leonard Horowitz – AIDS and Ebola Visuses Were Man-Made

From projectavalon.net

Dr. Leonard Horowitz Slams Medical Conspirators For High Treason

Published on 28 Mar 2014

“The Food and Drug Administration is deliberately preventing the public from getting natural cures for cancer and other diseases because of pressure from drug companies.”

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Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-10-2014

Beloved masters, your GOD-SEED ATOM / I AM Presence is your original Core Intelligence, your first individualized identity within a Universal or Sub-universal experience. Within this Sub-universal experience, your first twelve God-Sparks / soul fragments contained all the virtues, aspects, talents and knowledge you would need to traverse the multiple levels (dimensions) within this Sub-universe.  Since that time, your God-Seed Atom Essence has refracted and separated innumerable times.  You are now in the process of reclaiming all the multiple facets of your soul-self within the third/fourth dimensions so that you may move forward to a greater, more dynamic and expansive version of your Higher Self within a fifth-dimensional environment. To assist you in accomplishing this, your Diamond Core God Cell and your personal Flower of Life Creator Wheel contain a full measure of the Twelve Rays of God-Consciousness for this Sub-universal experience. They were designed so that when you were ready to begin the return journey into the higher levels of consciousness, you would have access to your own FULL SPECTRUM DIVINITY. Your task is to activate these Rays, to incorporate the God qualities and attributes they contain, and then to use these qualities and attributes for the greatest good.  There is still much confusion as to what the soul is, how it functions, and where it resides. It is vital that you understand the intricate process of reconnecting with the many facets of your Higher Self.  It is also important that you gain clarity about the more in-depth teachings we have given you regarding the multiple Higher Self Fragments (you have many, not just one) and the process for incorporating these multiple facets of Self. Therefore, we feel it is time for an advanced explanation of this most important process for the EVOLUTION OF THE SOUL.

In order to do so, you must expand your capacity for Love/Light so that it includes all facets of Creation upon the Earth: love of nature, love of the animal kingdom, love for humanity, love for your perceived enemies, and most important, love of Self. For in Essence, all of Creation is a part of you, and you are a precious White Fire Seed Atom of the Supreme Creator. The expansion of God-consciousness results in an expansion of your auric field-your Light radiance. Over time, more and more of you will develop a radiance so powerful and expansive that it will begin to have a positive effect on those around you -and eventually, on the Earth and all humanity. Quite a large number of the more advanced souls have already gained this ability.  However, you must remember, you cannot convey that which you have not claimed as your own. Also, remember this: an important part of your mission on Earth is to intensify the Light of the lower dimensions.  Expansion of soul-consciousness results in an expansion of the auric field, both in intensity and scope of influence.

An aspirant on the Path must focus on both outer and inner world training. You must strive to become a conscious observer of what is taking place around you. Training yourself to become fully engaged with focused awareness of the physical events in everyday life is vitally important, as well as learning to process the harmonious and the discordant frequency patterns to which you are subjected. You must then take the appropriate action. Practicing emotional and mental discipline is also very important as you seek to become a master of Self.  You must not turn your back on the world and life’s experiences, but face them head-on. However, it is vital that you learn to view life from a higher vantage point. Endeavor to see the bigger picture and not get entangled in the small story dramas.

Logic is a function of the physical mental body and your mind.  Remember, the knowledge or theories you accept as your own truth must be experienced in order to gain the wisdom from the disclosed information.  Inspiration is supplied by the Higher Self and your Sacred Mind.  You must learn to pay attention to the impulses of your Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart or to the input of the prevailing facet of your Higher Self, for that is how you will gradually learn to communicate with the Beings of the higher realms and gain cosmic wisdom.

In the beginning, there was communication with and amongst specialized, group spiritual guides and guardians; however, over time this gift or ability was lost. As humanity sank deeper into material world consciousness, they became submerged in the sensations of the five senses, and they gradually stopped turning inward for the sense of connection with the higher realms of consciousness. The lower third and fourth dimensions are not bright and clear.  There is a misty or foggy overlay. Those souls existing in this environment do not realize this, for it is the state of awareness they are accustomed to. The reality of the lower third/fourth dimensions could be likened to existing within a murky labyrinth where you are forever seeking the path that will lead you back into the pure Light of awareness. This fog gradually begins to dissipate as you move into the mid-sub-levels of the fourth dimension, and your world becomes lighter and brighter as you traverse each higher sub-level. In order to receive the lessons of Light, you must lift your consciousness to attune to, at least, the fifth sub-level of the fourth dimension. In this Sub-Universal experience, there are seven sub-levels to each dimension, with the first sub-level being the lowest/densest and the seventh sub-level the highest and most refined.  The masters and your guides are willing to meet you halfway; however, only on very rare occasions will they lower their frequencies into the density of extreme duality, for it is too uncomfortable for them.

The ego is a facet of the physical ego-personality self; it was designed to assist you in developing a sense of identity and individuality over time.  An outward-focused mind is guided by the ego. The misdirected ego-self was instrumental in creating the illusional belief system of the material plane, a reality based on separation, fear, selfishness and scarcity.  As you expand your mental horizons, you begin to break down the barriers of self-limiting perception.  Mind-expansion includes activating dormant cells of the upper dimensional levels of the brain and tapping into the wisdom of your Sacred Mind. Blind obedience is not a requisite for en-Lighten-ment, for you are striving to become a master of Self and to live your personal truths as they have been revealed to you and validated by your heart monitor.

Humanity is in the midst of a soul and cellular awakening. As you move into the vibrational patterns of the higher fourth and lower fifth dimensions, your cells, etheric body and auric field will begin an accelerated purification process. This process will facilitate and ultimately result in the downloading of the many facets of your Higher Self and the gradual reclamation of your Body of Light. Be mindful and aware every moment so that your focus becomes one-pointed and clear.  You will gradually develop a sense of self-assurance and security, a knowing that all is well and that it will remain so.

The soul is a many-times, refracted extension of your GOD-SEED ATOM / I AM Presence. The soul uses the right brain consciousness of intuition, which is connected to the higher Sacred Mind and Spiritual Will. An inner-focused mind is guided by the soul-self. Humanity is in the process of developing the subtle, refined senses which have become dulled from misuse.  You must move past the basic, often distorted physical senses, while diligently endeavoring to develop the higher mental senses of intuition and Divine wisdom. It is of vital importance that you learn to control your emotional nature and to hold your thoughts steadily on the Light.

  • You carry within your Diamond Core God Cell a crystalline, memory Seed Atom of full Self-realization from your point of origin.  It contains a very brief overview of the highlights of every life you have ever lived, the major lessons you have learned, and the talents you have perfected as you journeyed throughout this universe.
  • The soul is neither Spirit nor matter. It is a crystalline, SACRED FIRE, MEMORY SEED ATOM, a fragment of pure Light Essence that is programmed to record your journey throughout this Sub-Universal experience. It is the link between you and our Father/Mother God and, ultimately, to the Supreme Creator.
  • Your personal soul-self, for this lifetime, resides within your Sacred Heart as a facet of your Diamond Core God Cell.  Each higher frequency facet of your soul has its own Memory Seed Atom.  When a given facet takes up residency within your Soul Star as your OverSoul, it will gradually relay its personal vibrational pattern memories to the Memory Seed Atom within your Diamond Core God Cell and also to your embodied soul-self.   First, it will activate the appropriate Memory Seed Crystals within your Sacred Mind. As your frequencies expand to accommodate them, the Memory Seed Crystals held in reserve within your Diamond Core God Cell will be activated. In this way, as you incorporate all of your soul fragments, you will eventually gain the ability to access all of the wisdom, talents, positive memories and experiences of the next phase of evolution-the journey of the soul-self through the multi-levels of the fifth dimension. This process repeats itself over and over again as you traverse the multidimensional levels of God-Consciousness and incorporate more and more facets of your Divine Self.
  • You were programmed to forever seek the Sacred Heart of your Essence, your Diamond Core God Cell, and your Crystalline Seed Atom of Creator Essence.

At specially timed intervals there have always been small groups of special, unique Beings who incarnated into the different races and sub-races, and who brought forth fresh ideas, instilled new qualities and attributes.  These advanced Beings interjected their wisdom, higher consciousness and special talents by example, and they also merged physically with select members of the human species in order to advance the DNA encodings of humanity.  YOU ARE LIVING IN ONE OF THOSE SPECIAL TIMES.

The fourth dimension could be called a “transitional reality,” for this is where you begin to let go of all the preconditioning of the past. The fourth-dimensional realm is more emotional in nature, and therefore, the heart and feeling nature are the major focus. The ancients called the fourth dimension the realm of Maya or illusion, or the astral planes of consciousness.  The collective mass-consciousness of humanity fills the lower three levels of the fourth dimension, and this is where most of humanity exists mentally until they gradually begin to turn inward and listen to the nudging of their soul-self.  The personality/ego desire-body is the master manipulator of this realm, and it constantly urges one to seek more satisfaction and happiness via sensation and external means of gratification.

You begin to tap into your inner power potential as you move into the higher sub-levels of the fourth dimension. Matter becomes more fluid, and therefore, it becomes easier to manifest what you desire. That is why you must learn to be decisive and to focus your thoughts with clear intention. A disciplined mind links the chains of thought together in proper order. It is vitally important for you to understand that scattered thoughts are detrimental to your progress.  Living in the present moment-in the NOW moment-is a critical component in attaining Self-mastery. Mental effort is required in order to successfully traverse the path of illumination. Gradually, a good portion of your memory of past events will begin to fade as you move out of the realm of the instinctual brain / mind into the realm of the higher mind. Important traits of a Self-master are focused observational abilities and harmlessness in thought, word, and deed. As an aspirant on the Path, greater and greater cosmic truths will be revealed to you.  However, you should be aware that the lesser principles of ageless wisdom will constantly be expanded to incorporate the unique rules, laws and truths of the next level of existence in the never-ending cycle of ascension in consciousness.

You must keep the channel of communication open between the soul and the brain via the mind. This initiates the slow reactivation process of the Pineal Gland and the opening of the portal to the Sacred Mind, which is located at the upper, back portion of the brain, close to the crown of the head. The Sacred Mind resonates to the highest fourth-dimensional sub-levels as well as all of the fifth- and the sixth-dimensional levels, with a small portion of seventh-dimensional frequencies/data, which are reserved for future use when you have gained the ability to traverse the highest levels possible for humanity in this Sub-Universal experience.  However, you must gradually increase your own vibrational patterns in order to tap into this storehouse of cosmic wisdom.

The Sacred Mind and the Sacred Heart are not made of material world matter; they consist of gossamer, ethereal Light substance that cannot be detected via scientific means. However, they are more real than any part of your physical body. For once you reestablish the connection between your Sacred Mind, your Sacred Heart, and your Diamond Core God Cell, there will be a constant flow of Adamantine Particles, as well as pertinent, advanced information coming from within your Memory Seed Atom and also from your OverSoul/Higher Self. That is why it is so critical that you reconnect the Spiritual Triad of God Consciousness: the Sacred Mind, the Sacred Heart, and all the facets of your Diamond Core God Cell.

As you move into the vibrational patterns of the fifth dimension, your cells, etheric body and auric field will begin an accelerated purification process. Tranquility begins in the lowest level of the fifth dimension and strengthens exponentially. Gaining godly power and wisdom requires that you move beyond the massive belief patterns of the collective consciousness of humanity into attunement with your cosmic consciousness via the many facets of your Higher Self. Emotional stability and mental effort are required in order to successfully traverse the path of illumination. There is a law of EQUILIBRIUM that applies to the fifth dimension and above.

Briefly, the sixth dimension is the dimension of immortality and a greatly expanded soul consciousness as you reconnect with the highest levels of your soul potential within this Sub-universe. The seventh dimension is the final evolutionary boundary for humanity within this round of Sub-universal experience. The first sub-level (the lowest in frequency) of the eighth dimension is the INFINITY GATEWAY, which you will be able to tap into as you gain the ability to integrate more and more of the higher frequencies.  A trickle-down effect is initiated as you gain the ability to access each higher frequency level, whereby minuscule amounts of more refined God Light begin to flow into your personal column of Light, thus adding Light to your auric field and to the vibrancy of your Soul Song.

REMEMBER, MY BRAVE ONES, YOU ARE LIVING IN THE MIDST OF ETERNITY. The wisdom messages we bring you are not to set more rules or create new dogma.  Our intention is to set your hearts afire with love and to give you a glimpse of the glorious future before you.  I will guide, direct, inspire and protect you, and I radiate the eternal love of our Father/Mother God to each of you.

I AM Archangel Michael.


Transmitted through Ronna http:www.ronnastar.com/* Copy freely and share. However, I claim the universal copyright for this article in the name of Arcangel Michael.

Full “Blood Moon” Eclipse in Aries: Don’t Deny Your Desire

From astrology.com

On October 8, 2014, we will experience the second eclipse in a series of four intense, provocative lunations along the Aries-Libra axis. We are in the process of utterly transforming our concept of relationships during these few years — slowly getting to the heart of what love really means.

Last spring’s total eclipse was a full Moon in Libra. Now we’re experiencing its opposite, six months later. Eclipses always arrive in series like these, six-months apart, delivering their news over the course of several years.

Although these eclipses hit everyone of every sign, they are particularly potent for Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. This past spring’s eclipse had the strongest effect on Aries born from April 13 to 19th, and Libras born from October 16 to 22nd. The October eclipse will hit Aries born from April 4 to 9th and Libras born from October 6 to 12th the most.

Eclipses are 10 times stronger than regular full Moons, and this one is no exception. It may feel even more overwhelmingly powerful because Venus (the planet of love) is square to Pluto (the planet of obsession and jealousy) on the same day. This only intensifies the lusty, intense I-must-have-him-her-it-NOW sensation rising up in your body and soul. Feel it and let it inspire your creative journey — that’s the way to master this full Moon.

Temper your instinct to blow up at your lover or make something out of nothing. Try to channel all feelings of anger, jealousy, indecision and fear into your desires. The key is to be open, honest and direct about what you really want, without flying into a rage if you don’t immediately get your needs met.

Aries energy can make us feel like infants. We’re made of pure instinct when the first Fire sign of the zodiac reigns. You can balance honest instinct and action in the real world — and get the best out of both. You don’t want to live in fear of your feelings, but you don’t want to have any regrets in the morning either.

So don’t deny your desire — but don’t be a slave to it. Aries’ mantra is “I AM” so your directive is to be exactly who you are. The fastest way to do that is to own your authentic desire, so let yourself want what you want when you want it.


More about Blood Moon:

Bloog Moon Tetrad: Change Your Path, Change Your Outlook

Blood Moon! It’s such an ominous sounding name. You may wonder what it means for you! A blood Moon is just another name for a total lunar eclipse. Any astronomer would tell you lunar eclipses happen several times a year; some are total, others not, but by no means is a lunar eclipse a rare event.

What makes the four lunar eclipses in 2014-2015 a bit more special is that they are all total lunar eclipses, and all visible over North America. (If you like Moon watching and you live in North America, you’re in for a good show.)

Astrological speaking, solar and lunar eclipses are signs of change. In the six months to a year following an eclipse, you can expect accelerated changes in the areas of life related to the eclipse. For a lunar eclipse, this means changes in the realm of family, home, as well as your emotional needs and habits.

Where that change occurs in your life depends on the signs of the eclipses, and where the eclipses fall in your own birth chart.

The eclipses of 2014 and 2015 signify the path you blaze that’s uniquely yours; Libra represents how you form relationships and partnerships for your mutual advantage. Everyone can expect in these areas to come up somewhere in your own life over the next few years.

However, if you are an Aries or a Libra (or have other planets in Aries or Libra), the next few years are a potent time in your life to break free of old patterns and create something new in your world, especially regarding relationships.

How can you make the most of your eclipse season? A few questions to ask yourself over the coming months:

What makes you want to get out of bed in the morning? (If the answer is “nothing”, you have some brainstorming to do.) What makes you feel most yourself? How can you get more of that into your life?

What nurtures you? How do you nurture yourself? What needs of yours are not being met? What changes could you make to feel more fulfilled?

Are your relationships satisfying? Do you feel as if there’s a fair and balanced exchange of energy? Time? Money? Sex? Emotional support? If not, what changes could you make to find more balance and harmony in your relationships?

Letting go of your birth family

Jeshua channeled by Pamela Kribbe

Dear friends, it gives me great pleasure to be with you again. You are all brave warriors. Your very presence in a physical body on earth today speaks of your great courage and readiness to face up to darkness, within and without and to throw your light on it, the light of your consciousness. You are warriors in the spiritual sense and your weaponry consists of both compassion and discernment. One does not overcome the fears and illusions of your reality by love and compassion alone. These essential, predominantly feminine qualities need to be complemented by the masculine qualities of clarity and discernment. Compassion enables you to perceive the core of light in any expression of duality, for instance to recognize the light of someone’s soul even if their personality is full of negativity. Discernment makes you aware of the presence of fear and power-related energies in any such expression and it enables you to distance yourself from it, to let it go from your energy field.

To know who you are you have to let go of what you are not. Discernment helps you let go of that which you are not. Discernment is the “energy of the sword,” the energy that helps you set boundaries for yourself and find your own way. I call it the masculine energy and it is a necessary complement to the feminine qualities of understanding and forgiveness. I am stressing the importance of “the sword of discernment” in this channeling, for it is very relevant to the issue we will discuss today.

Today I would like to speak of your relationship with your parents and with your birth family in general. When you enter a path of spiritual growth, this issue will at some point be in the forefront of your attention.

One might look upon your birth in a physical body as a fall into darkness, if you dissociate it from any notions of sin or guilt. The birthing process is really a plunge into the deep that you have consciously decided upon from some part of your soul. At the core of your soul, you have decided to take upon you this present incarnation, and you felt the trust and perseverance needed to “accomplish the mission.” However at the moment you plunge in, so to speak, you are soaked in a state of not-knowing, a state of temporary unawareness. As soon as you enter the material reality of earth, your consciousness becomes veiled or hypnotized by certain illusions which are nothing but the deeply ingrained habits of the majority of people on earth. This is the net that is cast around you.

When you enter the earth life, the memory of “the other side” is still fresh and alive. But you have no words to express it, no way of communicating the truth of it, the simple things like the unconditional love and safety that surround you everywhere you go. The energy of Home is still self-evident to you, like the feel of water to a fish. But then you enter the physical world and the psychological reality of your parents. You reach out to them, you want to keep that sense of Home alive but it seems that you are cut off, like a net cast around the “fishy part” of you. This is the birth trauma that has physical as well as deeply spiritual aspects to it.

The net that catches you as you fall is predominantly spun by your parents’ way of being, their basic outlook on life, their ways of relating to themselves, their hopes and desires for you. When you were born, the collective consciousness on earth was still in the grip of ego based consciousness, as it is even now. Times are changing, but there is a kind of beginning stage in which things need time to gain momentum before real, fundamental change is actually brought about. At present you are still in these beginning stages, and the inner work you do is vital in this respect. So when you entered earth, you entered a reality dominated by ego based consciousness and you got acquainted with it through the energy of your parents.

When you enter the reality of ego based consciousness as represented by your parents, you get to deal with a number of pervasive illusions, of which I wish to name three important ones.

1. The loss of mastery

The first illusion is the illusion of the loss of mastery. This illusion makes you forget, while you grow up and become an adult, that you are the creator of everything that happens in your life. Most people do not recognize what happens in their life as their own creation. They often feel they are a victim of “greater powers” that make and shape their life. This is the loss of mastery.

2. The loss of unity

With the plunge into collective human consciousness as portrayed by your parents, you also lose your sense of unity with all that lives. The basic realization of the “oneness of all things” is slowly filtered out of your consciousness. You are encouraged to build your own ego. According to ego based consciousness, we are all essentially separate beings, struggling for our own existence, struggling for survival, nourishment and acknowledgement. We seem to be confined to our own body and locked into our own psychological reality with no true and open connection to “the other.” This is the illusion of separation and the tragic sense of loneliness that accompanies it.

3. The loss of love

And then there is the loss of love, meaning the sense of unconditional joy and safety that belongs to the very heart of you like a natural birthright. As you enter the earth plane on which the energy of love is not self-evident at all, you gradually start to confuse love with all kinds of energies that are not love, such as admiration, wealth or emotional dependency. These confused notions of love affect your relationships and basically make you continually search for something outside of you to regain that sense of unconditional love that is actually deep inside you.

How these illusions or losses affect you depends on the specific energy of your parental house and your family environment. Generally the parental consciousness is a mixture of ego and heart, of fear and light. There are certain areas in which your parents are likely to be very attached to or hooked up with the illusions mentioned above. But at other points they may be quite enlightened, for instance by having experienced suffering and inner growth in some area which opened up their hearts. The specific way in which they are stuck in the illusions of ego based consciousness is different for each parent or family.

When you enter this specific configuration of energies that makes up your birth family, your consciousness is wide open with hardly a sense of personal boundaries yet. As a baby, you take in your parents’ energies very thoroughly, like a basic imprint that has a deep effect on how you experience things later. There is no filter yet. It is only much later when you become aware of yourself as yourself, roughly during puberty, that you grow the consciousness needed to sift though these energies and find out what feels good and natural to you and what does not.

First you attach yourself very strongly to the paradigm of your parents, and then as you grow older and gain more self-awareness, you start to question your parents’ outlook on things as you are looking for your own sense of identity. This psychological growth process is very much akin to the transition from ego based consciousness to heart based consciousness. The natural stages of earth life, the biological and psychological cycles and seasons, correlate with natural growth stages in the spiritual sense. The transition from ego to heart based consciousness often runs parallel with overcoming the limiting, fearful energies that controlled your birth family.

The cosmic birth trauma that you experience when you are born as an individual soul (see chapter Cosmic birthing pain, p.121) is to some extent repeated every time you begin a new earth life. At the time of your birth, your parents belong to the energy of the earth. They have already adapted to this dimension, to the laws that apply here. Often these are limiting laws which are not at all self-evident to the child. The parents thus represent the ego based consciousness for the child, the energy of the three illusions. The child meets these through the parental home, and the way in which they have taken shape in the parents will influence the child strongly for the rest of its life.

Especially in the first three months, the child takes in its surroundings very deeply. The energies of the parents sink into the child’s consciousness unhampered by rational thought or defense. On the other hand there is still a “piece of heaven” in its memory, a part of the child’s consciousness that is untainted by the illusions, that knows love, mastery and oneness as the natural state of being. This awareness collides with the ego based energies around it, and this is a deeply painful conflict. It can make the child want to turn around and go back “home;” it can cause grave resistance to life at the very start. It is actually the cosmic birth trauma repeated over again.

How does the child handle this collision or conflict of energies? Most often, it shuts down some parts of himself or herself. Some parts of the child’s consciousness will go into hiding. The child will tend to comply with the energies of the parents, adapt itself to them, for it is wholly dependent upon them from the start. The child is in a very vulnerable physical state and it has a great desire to be nurtured and loved by the parents. Its memory of the natural state of oneness, love and mastery is actually the child’s gift to the parents, but they are often unable to receive this gift, once they have been veiled by the energy of the illusions. They are thus unable to truly receive the child.

Parents have at some point been children as well, of course, and have gone through the same process. Parents do not consciously force their fears and illusions onto their children. However as adults they have unwittingly absorbed many energies of ego based consciousness.

At the moment of the birth of a child, parents often experience a temporary awakening. Watching this innocent little creature coming out of the womb, entrusting itself to the world, so open and vulnerable, stirs a deep sense of awe in almost anyone. This sacred moment opens the gates to Home wide open in the parents’ consciousness and they – unknowingly – reach out to the divine core inside of them that knows unconditional love and oneness. They enter a sacred space for a while, and they feel who they are beyond the illusions. But often this is a temporary state of bliss, because afterwards things will settle down and “get back to normal.” Their ways of thinking and feeling will tend to fall back into the patterns they were used to. And thus the opening to heart based consciousness closes down again.

And what happens to the child that grows up? Most children choose to adapt so strongly to the parental frame of reference that they lose touch with their original soul energy that they were still very much aware of in the beginning of their incarnation. In this first phase of life (until puberty) they are so involved in focusing themselves into this world and getting love and attention from their parents, that they themselves forget who they are.

How does this affect the child? The child has an unbridled longing for love and safety and when it stumbles upon fearful, blocked parts in the parents’ energies, it will be confused by them. It will experience pain and a sense of abandonment. But it will hide these emotions from itself, because they are too painful to fully realise when you are in such a state of vulnerability and openness. What the child will do is put on blindfolds and create illusionary images of love. To survive emotionally, it will allow itself to be confused by the false images of the parents because if unconditional love is not available, conditional love seems better than none. The child will generally bend over backwards to get the love and safety it needs and remembers from Home. And therefore it will mistake the wrong energies for love. For example it will confuse love with a parent’s pride in certain achievements or a parent’s emotional need for the child.

Whenever the child achieves something that makes the parents proud and the child is complimented for it, they may feel their heart open up from gladness that they are liked and appreciated. But if the parental pride is not from a source of genuine understanding of the child, if it is not based upon what the child itself aspires to but more on what society expects from the child, then the pride is really a kind of poison. The child is rewarded for living up to external standards, whereas love means that one gets in touch with the child’s inner standards – what they want to achieve in this lifetime for themselves. When attention is systematically focused on outer achievements, the child will be fooled into believing that achievement equals love and they will tend to grow a guilty conscience when they are not doing “what is right,” what they are supposed to do according to external standards. As an adult, they may become someone who does not recognize when their boundaries are crossed or when they are working too hard. They will simply find that they feel the urge to achieve all the time, not understanding why working hard has become an addiction.

Another distortion of the true energy of love is when the child starts to confuse love with emotional dependency. Many children feel loved when they feel needed by their parents. They are actually filling a hole in their parents’ heart, a hole that the parents have not taken care of themselves, and when the child steps into it, it offers itself as a substitute parent. It seeks to provide the love and support the parents are missing inside. In this way, it wants to please the parents and get the love it so sorely needs. But this kind of service is not love, of course. It is a dangerous entanglement of energies that will create a lot of difficulties later on in both the relationship between the parents and the child and in the intimate relationships that the child will enter as an adult.

Many parents have experienced a lack of unconditional love in their own childhood. They were not truly received by their parents either. This has left a deep seated pain and a sense of abandonment in their being. When they have a child themselves, they embrace it with mixed signals. On the one hand, there is genuine love in them but on the other hand, there is the subconscious need “to make up for the loss.” Parents often try to heal their own emotional wounds through the relationship with their child. When they do so unconsciously, they use the child as a substitute parent – the child needs to give them the love they so sorely missed in their own childhood.

When that happens, the messages “I love you” and “I need you” get completely mixed up for the child. The child’s energy will not be her own anymore, because it will feel sucked up by the parent’s need, and this being sucked up will actually feel good to the child! It will provide a false sense of safety which by the time the child is an adult will make her feel like she is being loved deeply by someone when her energy is depleted and owned by that person. She will feel loved and appreciated when she is stretching her limits to give the most she can. She will interpret emotional dependency, even jealousy and possessiveness, as a form of love whereas these energies are diametrically opposed to it. This tragic loss of self is born from the association of love with need.

So far I have stressed that when you come to earth as a child, you are submerged into an “ocean of forgetfulness,” a net of illusions that at first seems to tie you down very thoroughly. However from the soul level, you consciously allow yourself to be led astray. Deep down inside when you incarnate on earth, you trust that you will find the solution and the way out. It is your mission to find the way out of the illusions and to bring the “energy of the solution,” the energy of love and clarity, out into the world, available to others.

At certain times in your life, there will be opportunities and possibilities that will help you fulfill this mission. As you grow up, you will meet certain people or situations that will invite or challenge you to find out who you are. You will be gently pushed or, if you are stubborn, violently provoked by life to “detangle the knot.” You need to let go of the false images of love that were part of your upbringing, part of your parents’ energy. This may trigger an identity crisis, similar to what has been described in the first part of this book as the first stage in the transition from ego to heart. It may seem that nothing is certain anymore and that everything you believed in is under scrutiny. Indeed, your soul will leave no stone unturned to bring you Home. Your soul will knock on your door incessantly until you open up and set yourself free.

Major events in your life are always geared to offer you opportunities to grow and return to who you are. But it takes courage and determination to get to the bottom of this quest and to regain the energies of the newborn child, untainted by the illusions of the loss of mastery, love and oneness. You will likely find yourself opposed to your own soul energy for a while, for it may lead you astray from what you regarded as normal and befitting for you. Your soul may seem a wayward guest to you, as you have been getting used to the ways of the world, the ways of your birth family.

It takes both the male energy of self-consciousness and discernment and the female energy of love and understanding to release yourself from ego based consciousness. Regarding your parents, discernment means that you distance yourself from the fear ridden and limiting energies they have fed you. Remember the importance of “the energy of the sword” that I mentioned in the beginning. To let go of your birth family in the spiritual sense, you need to be able to distinguish between their energy and your own and you need to be able to “cut the cords” that limit and suffocate you.

This is not primarily about expressing anger and frustration to your parents or telling them where they were wrong about you. It may be a good thing sometimes to try to make clear to them your position on things or your feelings about them. But in many cases, they may not understand what you are trying to tell them. They may not resonate with the part of you that is “different” and at odds with their outlook on life. Releasing the ties to the parental energy means first and foremost to release the energy from your own mind and emotions. It is about looking within and finding out to what extent you implicitly live by your parents’ set of illusions, by their do’s and don’ts which were based on fear and judgment.

Once you are clear about this and you allow yourself to let that go, you will be free to forgive them and really “leave the parental house.” It is only after you sever the cords on the inner level and take responsibility for your own life that you can really let your parents be. You will have clearly said “no” to their fears and illusions (sword of discernment), but at the same time you will see that your parents are not identical with their fears and illusions. They also are children of God simply trying to fulfill their soul mission. Once you feel this, you can feel their innocence and you can forgive.

In a sense you have been the victim of your parents – your parents as they represented ego based consciousness in your childhood. You have temporarily and partly lived according to their illusions. In a way you had no choice, as their child. However to transcend your sense of being the victim here is one of the most powerful breakthroughs you can have in your life. It makes you a free person when you can recognize the deep energetic imprints from your childhood and consciously decide which ones benefit you and which ones you’d rather let go. This is mastery.

You then no longer subconsciously adapt to the wishes and longings of your parents when they are not your own. At the same time, you no longer rebel against them either. You can see the false images they offered you as simply not belonging to you, period. You do not need to judge your parents for burdening you with these aspects. You can be loving and discerning at the same time.

One might say that you are introduced to ego based consciousness through your parents and you transcend it through them as well, by letting them go in love and forgiveness and by recognizing yourself as the independent master that you are.


Lightworkers and their parents

At this point I would like to speak specifically about the lightworker soul in relation to his or her birth family. Lightworkers often carry within them an extra assignment in regard to their parents or birth family. When they come to earth, Lightworkers have the specific intention to awaken, to set themselves free from ego based consciousness and to plant the seeds of Christ consciousness on earth. More strongly than others, lightworkers want to teach and heal others, helping them grow towards a heart based consciousness.

For that reason, many lightworker souls are born with parents or in families which are heavily stuck in the reality of ego based consciousness. Because it is their intention to break open stuck and rigid energy patterns, lightworkers are drawn like a magnet to “problem situations” in which the energy is stagnant, like in a dead-end alley. The lightworker comes in with a certain awareness, a certain spiritual sense which makes him or her “different,” not fitting into the family’s expectations or ambitions. The lightworker child will somehow, by what she radiates or expresses as her truth, challenge the family’s basic assumptions about life. She almost instinctively will do everything to get the energy moving and flowing again.

While the lightworker soul thus wants nothing more than to be of service to the parents and the family, they might look upon her as the odd one out, even as the black sheep. When the inner beauty and purity of the lightworker child is not recognized as such, she will often temporarily get lost in emotions of loneliness and even depression.

When they start their incarnation, lightworkers have the confidence deep down that they will find their way out, that they will overcome the limiting energy of their birth family. However when they are actually born on earth and grow up, they are exposed to the same dilemmas and confusions as any other child. In a certain sense they experience this confusion more deeply and more intensely. Because they are spiritually aware souls who are often older and wiser than their parents, they are very much aware that “something is not right” about the energy of their environment. On the inner level they clash head-on with the parents’ energies, not understanding or resonating with their mind set or behavior. This clash causes great distress inside them, gentle and sensitive as they are. They have to find a way to survive emotionally, coping with the fact that they both love the parents dearly and are very different from them. This causes a lot of psychological problems in lightworkers ranging from loneliness, insecurity and fear to addiction, depression and self destruction.

Thus your journey to earth and to places of darkness where the energy is stuck and hostile is not without risk. It is a dangerous mission. Don’t forget why I call you brave warriors! It is for this reason; you are like pioneers who venture out into strange and unknown territory. There are no signposts or markers. The environment in which you start your journey is inhospitable and does not feel like home. You will have to create the energy of home for yourself, with only your own feelings and intuition as your compass. As a lightworker, you are a pioneer who wants to break the barriers of old and stifling thought patterns and release the energy stuck within. You are almost always the first one in your environment to do so. You do not meet your soul mates until later. It is the struggle by yourself that marks you as the true warrior that you are. You will have to find the way out by yourself and once you have done so you will attract likeminded spirits into your life, people who reflect your awakened state of being.

The solitary struggle you all have to go through to discover your light is the heaviest burden for you. On the soul level you have chosen this path consciously, but to live through it as a child of flesh and blood is a painful thing that wounds you deeply. I urge you to feel and recognize this pain in yourself, because only by connecting to it can you transform and release it. Once you know that wounded child inside that took the cross of alienation upon its fragile shoulders, you will get to the core of your burden. When you get to the core, the solution is nearby. You only need to embrace the pain of that child with a pure and deep awareness. From this awareness an energy of compassion and deep respect will reach out to the child. You will lift the cross just by being with yourself and truly loving and cherishing that part of you that is “different.” This is how you bring the child home and fulfill your mission as the pioneer that you are.


Resolving family karma

The lightworker’s assignment in regard to their birth family is to become who they are. In doing so, they accomplish their mission. It is not their task to change their family; it is not your job to change anything outside of you. You are not here to make the world a better place. You are here to awaken yourself. And yes, when you do so the world will become a better place, because your light will shine upon it and bring joy and enlightenment to others as well. But do not focus on the world, whether it is your family or any other relationship you enter.

The real work is to let go of all those bits of ego based fear and illusion that you yourself absorbed so deeply as a child. Getting to know these energetic imprints which partly created your personality, and releasing the parts of it that do not belong to you is a challenging and intense process. It is about peeling away all the layers of the onion; it is about being born a second time.

By stressing the profundity of this inner process, this second birth, I do not mean to discourage you. On the other hand I would like you to have deep respect for yourselves. You are the bravest warriors I know. You are pioneers who, by kindling your own light in places of darkness and hostility, pave the way for a new consciousness on earth.

It is not your job to kindle the light in someone else’s heart. It is up to them if they do so. You may offer a spark, you may set an example, but in no way are you responsible for anyone else’s awakening. This is important to stress especially with regard to your birth family. You often feel instinctively as a child and more consciously as a grown-up that you have to save your parents from their fears and illusions. Moreover you often think that you have failed in this assignment. You feel that you have not truly been able to help your parents in the way you had envisioned.

This line of thought rests on a mistaken perception of what helping really means and what your assignment is with regard to your parents. In reality, the situation is this. From your birth onward, you begin to absorb your parents’ energies very strongly as if they were your own. You cannot easily distinguish any more where you begin and they end. Because you absorb their fears and illusions as well, you get intimately in touch with their emotional burdens. These burdens may have been passed over to them through several generations on either side of the family. There may be a karmic aspect to it, meaning that the same issue gets repeated over and over again until the “spell is broken.” This you may call family karma. There may be issues relating to an unbalanced male or female energy, energies resulting from old slavery traditions, issues pertaining to certain illnesses, etc. This kind of karmic burden is solved when the energy stuck inside of it gets released and thus is not passed along to the next generation. Family karma is resolved when at least one member of the family breaks the link by setting herself free from the emotional burden that she absorbed from childhood and that may even be in her genes.

The family member who “breaks the spell” does so first and foremost by helping herself. It is about being focused on your own inner growth and expansion. This growth and expansion has an effect on the “energy of the family.” It opens up the possibility for members of that family to find the way out as well. The lightworker who has freed himself of the emotional dead-end ally provides an energetic trail for others of his family. This he accomplishes by his inner work and what he radiates because of that, not by actually trying or even pushing others to change and move forward. What she offers her birth family energetically is the possibility of change. Her energy mirrors the possibility of change to them and that is all she needs to do.

Whether the family members pick up on the trail is entirely up to them. Never are you responsible for nor is your spiritual mission dependent upon someone else’s decision to change or not. You may have freed yourself of the karmic burden that your family saddled you with and be ridiculed or rejected for it by your family, and yet your mission will have been entirely successful. You will have crushed the hypnotic hold that karmic patterns can have over a family line and if you have children, the emotional burden will not be passed along to them. This is what your soul mission is about.

Imagine you are living in a valley which is quite barren and dry. All of your community tells you that you cannot get out of this valley – it is all there is. You seem to be the only one to remember that there are much more lush and fertile lands than this. So after a lot of consideration, you decide to try your luck and climb out of that valley. The climb up takes a tremendous amount of strength and energy. Not only is the road very steep, there are no road signs or marks to hold onto either. While you are climbing up you leave a track behind you. At some point, you come up out of that valley and the landscape that lies before you overwhelms you with joy and a sense of recognition. You knew there was something out there that felt much more like home than your birth ground. Enthusiastically you peer down and look for your family. You would like them to join you and marvel at this great vista. You would like to share your victory. But you can see no one down there and when you notice some folks far off, they do not seem interested in your journey at all.

This is what happens frequently to lightworker souls. I ask you not to mourn the loss of your family in this respect. You will have offered them a great service by walking out of the valley, by clearing the way and leaving a track. This track will stay there and it will be used one day by anyone who wants to climb out of that particular valley. The track is an energy space that you have made available to them.

It is the building of this track that was your purpose when you were born with these parents and in this family. It is not your purpose to make your family go up as well or to carry them out of the valley on your shoulders! That is not your task. Whenever you try to figuratively drag your parents or family up that steep hill, you are hindering your own growth and you will be disillusioned and disappointed. It is not the way of spiritual growth and alchemy. Those others that you love and want to share your light with may choose to live in the valley for another century or more. It is up to them. But one day in their own time, they will uncover a little track that goes up and they will think: “Hey, this is interesting, let’s go up and try this; I am not having a good time down here anymore.” And off they go. They will start their own journey of inner growth, their own climb into the light. And isn’t it wonderful, isn’t it absolutely precious, that they will find marks along the way, a track for them to hold onto? They will have to go through their own struggles, but they will have a beacon set out for them which lightens their journey. As a pioneer you will have cleared the way though a wild and unknown territory and the road paved by you will be used with gratitude and honor.

To be really free and to regain your mastership as an independent spiritual being, you have to let go of your birth family. You have to let go of them, not only as their child but also as their parent. Let me explain this double bind. The child in you needs to let go of the hope that your parents will offer you unconditional love and safety. It has to turn to you for this and you have to help it let go of the angry, sad and disappointed part of the child that feels betrayed by your parents. This is the child part. However you also need to let go of the part of you that wants to be your parents’ parent. It is typical of lightworker souls that at some point when they grow up, they start to feel like they are the parents of their parents. Because of their inborn desire to teach and heal and their developed spiritual awareness, they often see their parents’ fears and illusions clearly and they want to heal them. This may get you into a lot of struggle with your parents because your desire to help them is often intertwined with an unconscious need to be recognized for who you really are. In other words, the wounded child speaks through you when you try to help your parents, and it is a recipe for disaster when you try to help others through the wounded parts of you. You will end up more wounded and your parents will likely end up upset or confused.

To let go of your parents means to let go of any desire to change them. You have to understand that it is not your task to lead them anywhere. Your mission is to deal with your own path – that is all. After you have truly parted with your parents, letting go of the double bind, you will find that a new space opens up between you and them, much more free and open. If they are still alive, the relationship with your parents may become less strained, as the energies of reproach and guilt will have left the scene. On the other hand, you may feel you do not want to visit them so often anymore. There may simply be a lack of common interests. In any case you will feel more free in this relationship, setting your own course through life without the need for approval by them or the tendency to get angry and upset if they do not agree with you.

In your life, you may now get in touch with people who belong to your “spiritual family.” Your spiritual family has nothing to do with biology, genes or heredity. It is a family of kindred souls. Often you know them from past lives in which you bonded through friendship, love or a shared mission. It is very easy to get along with them, for you share an inner likeness; you belong to the same family. It is a kind of homecoming you experience. What made you feel different and lonely among other people first now becomes the foundation of your connection and mutual recognition. Bonding with your spiritual family is a true source of joy in earth life. The key to allowing it into your life is to find your own way “out of the valley” and to recognize the light within. When you are able to recognize your own light in an environment that does not mirror it back to you, you become independent and free. Unburdened by the karmic aspects of your history, the fears and illusions that held you down, you will attract relationships into your life which are based on love and respect and which reflect your awakened divinity.

© Pamela Kribbe 2005

Circles of Light

Pamela channels Mary

Translation by Maria Baes and Frank Tehan

Dear friends, I am Mary, mother of Jeshua on Earth. It is such a joy for me to be among you, to be in your circle of Light. I wish to celebrate with you this morning, and to envelop you in a mantle of sweet love, very light and gentle – feel it.

Your hearts are in need of Light. For all of you, this is a heavy place to be. Your natural state of being is joy, playfulness, creativity. Your often feel smothered by the heavy energies on Earth, and you feel disconnected from Home. I want to bring the energies of Home, the original source, to you today. So breathe it in and remember who you are. I want you to bathe in the Light of your soul and the connection between our souls.

Imagine that the Light of reconnection and oneness is flowing through all your body. Make sure this flow visits every part of your body, especially the parts in need of healing. Let it flow all the way down to your feet. There is now a halo of Light around us all. Feel how you can relax and be safe within this halo of Light, even though you may sense that some parts of you are tired and feel heavy. That is okay – let everything be as it is.

You all carry a very precious Light in your soul. When you are connected to this Light you feel one with the universe. This is the divine experience for which you are looking. You are not yet aware of this inner Light when you start out as a young soul on your journeys, so you look for it outside yourself, in the external world. You are truly like a child looking for guidance, but your real mission is to find the guidance within, and doing that truly becomes the birth of your Divinity.

Most souls spend many lifetimes throughout the ages trying to find Light outside themselves, and that is a part of growing up. But you are now becoming a mature soul. You are aware of the need to go within, because you have tried all the other ways. You have tried to find the Light by gaining worldly power or possessions. You have tried to find the Light by creating a big ego and gaining recognition from the world. And you have tried to find the Light by losing yourself in romantic relationships; by trying to merge with another soul. These are really the stages that every soul goes through on its evolutionary journey.

But at some point, the soul discovers that those things do not work, and then the soul goes through a deep inner crisis. As it is maturing, it discovers deep emotions of loneliness, separation, and fear, and there is a growing awareness that nothing outside itself can fill the void. This stage of a soul’s journey can be called “the dark night of the soul”. The soul can not lose itself any more in anything external, and yet it does not know how to nurture itself, how to go within. This is when loneliness can hit you hardest, and when you are at this point, as often happens in relationships, you realize you can not find outside yourself what you are really seeking. So there is no other road to follow than the road that leads to your heart.

You are the only one who can acknowledge, and thereby ignite, your own fire, and you often wonder: “How do I do this?” That is your perpetual question: “How do I become enlightened; how do I enlighten myself?” And the answer is that it is not you who is doing it. The “you” who has been searching, who has felt lonely, who despairs, is not the one who is becoming enlightened. Essentially, enlightenment occurs when you give up the “you” part of yourself by releasing it. You completely kneel down within yourself and you give up. Your ego bows down, because it acknowledges the fact that it does not know a way out – it does not have the answers. Therefore, not knowing the answers, and being in the “dark night of the soul”, is often the heralding of enlightenment. It is when you give up that you become open to something new, something you are not able to control. This “something” – the energy of your soul – has been knocking on your door for a very long time.

In truth, you have been afraid of your own divine Love and Light, because from a human perspective you can not control it, and so you have resisted your own Light and source of joy. This is very paradoxical for us to see from our side, because the most precious thing you seek is already present within you! And therein lies the answer to your emotions of despair and loneliness.

When you stop trying to change yourself, when you stop trying to make your life “work”, you are opening to a greater force that wants to carry you with lightness and joy. Once you are in this flow of lightness, you will connect with others who are in the same flow and your heart will be filled with joy. Meeting with your spiritual family on Earth will be one of the deepest sources of happiness and fulfillment for you. But before this happens you have to let go. You have to entrust yourself to the flow of your heart. Do not try to manipulate and control life so much. Life becomes much easier and lighter when you live it from the heart.

The most difficult step is to acknowledge that you do not know the way. Every human ego contains pride, which often shuts you off from the flow of love, so you have to let go of your pride. This is what you do when you connect with the wounded and vulnerable child within yourself, and that is a deeply spiritual thing to do. By recognizing the core of your vulnerability, you are actually coming closer to other people. By becoming aware of your own wounded child within, you are also seeing it in the eyes of other people. Truly embracing your own darkness, your own vulnerability, builds a bridge between you and other people. It naturally creates compassion and understanding in your heart.

When you are inside the ego, you tend to judge and criticize other people. You need to do this to maintain your identity. But when you look at them with eyes that see their inner child, you recognize that they are wounded humans, just like you, and so it becomes easier to reach out to them. And it also becomes easier to receive support and love from other humans. This is what it means to create a circle of Light; to acknowledge your vulnerability, to release the need for control, and to release your pride. To the ego, this seems to be a very high price to pay, but it is actually small compared to the loneliness and despair you have to suffer when you are clinging to the ego.

At this time, many people are yearning for connecting from the heart. My message is especially meant for people who are ready to take the leap: to let go of your judgments, of your criticism – especially of yourself. Open fully to the immense source of Light available to you. You have built a prison around yourself, and I am inviting you to step out of it. You can do it now, you are ready. All you have to do is simply to ask. You do not have to fight or struggle to get out of the prison. You can simply ask Spirit, or whatever you call the endless source of this universe. Or you may do it by way of prayer: “Release me, I want to be Home again”.

Home is within you all, and when you open the doors of your heart, the Light will shine so brightly! Your Light will bring joy to others, and you will joyfully connect with other people, but you will also be at peace when you are alone. You will not need other people to be fulfilled, but it will be an experience of enrichment and abundance to meet them, especially soulmates.

I would like to end by asking you to imagine that we are planting a seed today. See it as a small seed of Light that each one of you is holding. Imagine that you are putting that seed into the Earth and you wish it well from your heart. You entrust this ray of Light to Earth, and then you let it go. You release all control, or desire to manipulate, or to know. Just see what happens. The Earth will someday return this energy to you in the form of a small miracle entering your life. You will ask yourself: “Why did this happen to me?” And maybe you will want to ask a psychic or medium about that, and I would tell you: “Do not analyze it with your head, just receive the gifts given by the universe”.

So let us now for a few moments enjoy the halo of Light that is still around us and has expanded by now. The Light, at this moment, is warm and golden. Please know that you are always connected to your soul family. We from the other side are always next to you. Accept our love.

© Pamela Kribbe

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